For technical foams replacement, Hexaflex is the solution

Hexaflex in 2 words :

Innovative and efficient

For the replacement of technical foams and the absorption of vibratory shocks, Hexaflex is a new innovative and efficient solution. Hexaflex is flexible, fully articulated and much more: it is insensitive to water and self-ventilated, is recyclable and sustainable. This flexible material does not emit VOCs and formaldehyde. And as a bonus, Hexaflex is made in France on our premises. In fact, it is an innovative and effective material for your most creative projects. Hexaflex has many possible applications and our design office will be happy to study them with you. Hexaflex technology is so special and interesting that we have protected it with patents in Europe, China, and USA (WO 2014 079 839) Consult the patent under this link


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Replacement of technical foams

and damping of vibratory shocks

Hexaflex : benefits


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Standards and results


Standards compliance: Hexaflex

Thickness Hexaflex Standards compliance Results
18mm* EN 1621-2 Level 2 5,5kN
15mm EN 1621-2 Level 1 12kN
10mm EN 1621-1 level 1 22kN
15mm EN 14404 2,3kN
15mm EN 15613 1,6kN
7mm* EN 13594 3,8kN

* only available as a prototype